Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sisters and Missing Teeth

You may look at that title and wonder what those two things have in common... well, allow me to enlighten you:-).

In our house, usually, there is only one person that will pull loose teeth... that person is not me. I am not sure why but loose teeth make me queasy:(. Crazy, huh? I can handle everything else BUT NOT the teeth. So, James does it. He actually really enjoys it, I think. This particular day, though, James was not home and would not be home until way, way later. Piper, who does not like to pull teeth either and is actually quite happy to let them hang there until they fall out on their own, even if that means we all have to look at this poor (disgusting ) grey tooth dangle WHILE SHE IS SPEAKING TO US, had a loose tooth! Seriously, I could not take it anymore and so I did the logical thing and asked the kids to take matters into their own hands. They were happy... no, overjoyed at the prospect of pulling their beloved sister's tooth for her and began scheming right away:-). So, having that little matter resolved I go about my business, confident that the others can handle this situation. There was much commotion and I think there may have even been screaming and evil laughter (which is not promoted in this house, uh-uh, no-sir, not us:). Anyway, a few minutes later everyone comes running into the room talking all at once... again, this is a lot of loud commotion:-).

So, this is the scoop. ZOE' SAT ON PIPER! Then she held Piper's nose! Then when Piper was FORCED to open her mouth in order to BREATHE, Zoe' reached in and yanked that tooth right out!!! I was so shocked that I was practically rolling on the floor laughing uncontrollably. Really, it was from shock... and not at all from the image that was going through my mind as they were explaining this to me:-). Once I regained my composure, I congratulated them both on a job well done and did what any other mom would do... I took Piper outside to get a few shots of her "toothless". Everyone was happy... I was happy that I did not have to look at that disgusting tooth wagging around when she talked... Zoe' was happy with her accomplishment for the day... Gabi was happy to assist(she held the towel for the blood)... the boys were happy because they got to watch the whole thing(they have a new respect for Zoe')... and Piper was happy it was all over:-). Life is good like that.


charity said...

Hillarious! Siblings will get you through no matter what it takes!

Kedra said...

This made me laugh out loud!! What a moment to remember. And creative on Zoe's part! Way to go girls!

The Miersma Family said...

i don't know how i missed this post but it is hilarious! i'm with you on the pulling of teeth! i get the heeby geebies just thinking about it!! way to delegate heather! i'll have to keep that in mind for the future...beautiful pictures by the way! ;)

Smith said...

Oh...Oh.LOL..Ohh! NOPE I can't quite regain that composer you spoke of(having had a few close call like that myself) Always count on getting a great laugh daily from you guys. Ilove you all. Mimi