Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Maybe it's his...independence??

This is what Piper said at dinner this afternoon when Jonah came to us complaining of a stomach ache;-). We all laughed hysterically, of course(including Piper)! She said this, meaning , maybe it is his appendix, because when Zoe' was 5 she had her's out and now every time there is a tummy ache this is the first conclusion Zoe' comes to! The joys of being the oldest...and with so much life experience ,too! Well, it is obviously not his appendix nor his independence, both were thoroughly excercised after dinner;-).

In other news, we went to Huber's farm a few weeks ago and picked apples and a few pumpkins.We went to the Balloon Glow(hot air balloons) that we've gone to every year since moving here and we also had two birthdays, Zoe' turned 12 and Josiah turned 6! Hard to believe everybody is growing up soooo fast! I'll post pictures of these things soon. I'll also include a few of the pup...he is actually beginning to look like a dog now! Very cute;-).

Friday, October 3, 2008

ooh lala! Italy

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Mom, would you sail here??? You should hint so to Dad;-).