Friday, January 7, 2011

the visit cont...

Our stay at Los Lagos was awesome!!! What a special treat for our family:-)... having grandparents here for Christmas and going on an awesome vacation, unforgettable!

the visit

What a joy it was to have my parents here! We had the opportunity to go to Los Lagos, it is a resort at the base of the Volcano Arenal. While we were there went swimming in their hot springs and enjoyed the cloud forest... from a zip line!! My mom even went zip lining with us... it was so much fun:-).

Sunday, January 2, 2011

¡Feliz Año Nuevo!

New Years Eve in Costa Rica is INSANE... and I loved every minute of it!!! It was a really excited, fun night... we hung out with friends, ordered pizza, and watched a movie ON OUR WALL:-)! Yes, one of our friends has a projector so we were able to hook it up and have a fun movie night! After that, we watched what was probably the most incredible fireworks that I have ever seen...right above my house...for nearly 3 hours:-). Really, the entire city was setting them off so it was spectacular all around us, but our neighbors bought about 6 large bags full of them and set them off in the park next to our house... it was crazy, loud, and beautiful. And get this... Judah slept through the whole thing! It sounded as though someone was shooting off cannons above our house and yet, he slept:-). 

On another note, I am going to try to keep folks updated more regularly on here. We had a fantastic (super busy) first trimester and are hoping that it will only get better. Please pray for the health of our kids. The boys spent the last month and a half of school, at home sick. Everyone is well now and we hope it stays that way!

I pray that each of you has a wonderful new year, that God does something radical in your life, and that you follow Him closely! Be recklessly abandoned to the will of God…