Monday, July 27, 2009



We have successfully completed another move!! Could not have done it without our little (and big) helpers!! We are here, we are unpacked... well, as much as we will get anyway, and we are settled!

A little note about the last picture...the morning of our move the kids woke up and saw that the folks across the street were having their tree cut down(it died because of the ice storm). This is why you see them sitting outside having a donut/chocolate milk breakfast on a blanket while enjoying the show:-). Who knew that tree cutters (is that what they're called?) could be so entertaining?!

We have been told that our appointment date has been set back. We will not be appointed until March, this means that we will be going to the April orientation. We have been told that this is the LAST time we will be set back:-). We are happy with all of this and feel like it is just extra preparation time, which we sorely needed!

God is good and His timing is PERFECT!!!!!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Our friends, the Schwarz's, came for a visit the week after we got home from Va. It was a wonderful visit, we have missed them very much since they moved south. It was also a very short visit as they were called away sooner than expected.

NOW they are in Zambia!! They stopped in to say goodbye and hang out for a while before they were off to serve as missionaries in Zambia... we are SO excited for them!!! They have arrived safely and are settling in nicely. If you would like to check out what they're up to then just click on their names on the side of this blog...

Moving. Scatterbrained. Please bear with me.

Well, folks, it's moving time at the Tieman house:-). This is good, right?

Let me start from the beginning. While we were at the conference we received an offer on our house... it was a busy week between meetings, the continuous flow of coffee, and offers/counteroffers. Did I mention that the day we left, Jonah was found to have pneumonia? We didn't know until AFTER we arrived in VA., of course! It really was an eventful week:-).

Anyway, as I said before it was a busy week and I will just spare you the TWO WEEK long correspondence! In the end they made an offer we could accept... though barely:-). And I guess it worked out for them as well. We passed the inspection and the appraisal but everything has been hit or miss with this house selling thing and that is why I have been hesitant to post anything about it. Needless to say we are moving forward and are said to be closing on Monday. We have been provided a rent house that is pretty much the same layout as our current house and does not require a lease... (God is so gracious:-). Friends are renting it to us as they go off to begin their ministry... pray for them. We will hopefully be able to tell more about their very neat ministry later on.

So that brings us to now. We are packing, though we really don't have very much because we have been downsizing for a few months, and trying to get ready for school.Yes, it is THAT time again:-). We move on Saturday... anybody want to help... anyone... anyone?

Please continue to pray for us concerning EVERYTHING and that prayer request that I did not go into detail over:-). We appreciate every one of you who continues to think about and pray for us more than we will ever be able to express!!

May He be Glorified in EVERY situation!

Monday, July 13, 2009

4th of July

This is such a whacked out presentation of photos, but I hope you enjoy them anyway:-).

Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yes. I am posting this on the same day, but I have ALOT of catching up to do:-).

We went to the conference and had many interviews and many meetings and much too much coffee...way too much. It all turned out fine though.

It was so busy that it felt like we were home in no time! And I thought it would be sort of like a vacation....NOT SO! It was very good, ALL (and it was a lot) of the information that we received from them was great. It was also very good to see how they actually run things, we feel like we have a much better idea of why they do certain things the way they do them. We were approved to move on to the next stage. We hope to be appointed in Nov. but that depends on the financial situation of the mission board at that time. Please pray for that situation and for His people to step up.

We would also like to share that we have a prayer request that we will not go into detail over. Just know that we are asking you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray for us right now. May He be glorified.

Judah's 2nd Birthday

Yep, you read it right... Judah is now 2!!! And he is taking FULL advantage of it!! He has gotten into MORE trouble in the past two weeks of being 2 than in his whole life before that point!

And have I mentioned his OBSESSION with Diego??? It's true...he's hooked. Don't judge me because I let him watch tv... if you had a 2 year old that put coffee creamer in the coffee grinds and cinnamon in the lemonade, and your CELL PHONE in the steaming hot cup of COFFEE, you would find something to keep that child distracted too!!!!! I won't even mention what he put in the tiolette, it just wasn't NATURAL folks :-).

He is very fast... and sneaky...but we love him oh, so much. It is a very good thing he is so cute, soft, and squishy:-). And have I mentioned his smile, oh man, he has us WRAPPED!!!