Monday, July 27, 2009


We have successfully completed another move!! Could not have done it without our little (and big) helpers!! We are here, we are unpacked... well, as much as we will get anyway, and we are settled!

A little note about the last picture...the morning of our move the kids woke up and saw that the folks across the street were having their tree cut down(it died because of the ice storm). This is why you see them sitting outside having a donut/chocolate milk breakfast on a blanket while enjoying the show:-). Who knew that tree cutters (is that what they're called?) could be so entertaining?!

We have been told that our appointment date has been set back. We will not be appointed until March, this means that we will be going to the April orientation. We have been told that this is the LAST time we will be set back:-). We are happy with all of this and feel like it is just extra preparation time, which we sorely needed!

God is good and His timing is PERFECT!!!!!

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Smith said...

Amen to that! Now we have a set goal. One that we know is coming, lol. I love all the pics honey. Stay well and be happy.
Love to you all