Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Yes. I am posting this on the same day, but I have ALOT of catching up to do:-).

We went to the conference and had many interviews and many meetings and much too much coffee...way too much. It all turned out fine though.

It was so busy that it felt like we were home in no time! And I thought it would be sort of like a vacation....NOT SO! It was very good, ALL (and it was a lot) of the information that we received from them was great. It was also very good to see how they actually run things, we feel like we have a much better idea of why they do certain things the way they do them. We were approved to move on to the next stage. We hope to be appointed in Nov. but that depends on the financial situation of the mission board at that time. Please pray for that situation and for His people to step up.

We would also like to share that we have a prayer request that we will not go into detail over. Just know that we are asking you, our brothers and sisters in Christ, to pray for us right now. May He be glorified.


Smith said...

I adore the picture, and you know prayers are being lifted up. I love you sweetheart, and you call me when you need too. Keep taking those beautiful pictures. They touch my heart.

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

I love your new blog header picture. Too cute.

Will be praying!