Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Intro To "The Tribe"

Well, for those of you that do not know us I'll give you a semi quick run down of the family!
James is the dad,husband,bacon getter;-),student, and the fun one. I (Heather)am the mom,wife, house runner, homeschooler, i.e. not so fun one!
Zoe' is the oldest, she's 11 yrs.
Gabi is second, she's 9 yrs.
Piper is third, she's 7yrs.
Josiah is the fourth child , first boy, 5yrs.
Jonah is the fifth, 3(almost 4) yrs.
Judah is the youngest, so far anyway, and he is 6 months;-).
Each of the kids have completely different personalities/likes and dislikes. A characteristic that makes this a very interesting, mostly fun, always entertaining house to live in! With 6 kids and 2 dogs who could go wrong?Oh, didn't I mention the dogs??? Well, there is Lucy and Jack Jack(???). His name has been changed about 4 times, but I think we are sticking with this one! They are both miniature schnauzers and definitely add a bit of spice into the mix!
This blog has been created to keep those who are interested in the goings on of the Tieman Tribe, informed. Hope I can keep up with it and that it does the job;-).