Friday, October 3, 2008

ooh lala! Italy

Originally uploaded by mrlemonjelly
Mom, would you sail here??? You should hint so to Dad;-).


Smith said...

Well, yeah! Lol! Mama mia! What a beautiful area. I am not so sure I would sail to there, but I would certainly sail around there. Whats not to like, blue water, beautiful sites, cool reefs.

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

Are you all moving there or something??? If so I'm comin' too!

Tiemans said...

No,but I wish!! Wouldn't this be a dream of a place to live??? Mom, you guys really should sail that Ang and I can come visit;-). What do ya think up for it?

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

OK so it was just a picture for you Mom huh? I thought you were trying to tell us all something. =0 But yes I'll go for a visit there anytime!

OK we need to get together. You have my number. You must call. I don't have yours. =)