Thursday, October 22, 2009

7 & 13

Those are the ages of my oldest boy and oldest girl (aka. the oldest child).

Huber's Farm 2009-181

Huber's Farm 2009-186Huber's Farm 2009-184

We always have such a great time on birthdays. We usually start the day by giving the birthday kid balloons and reading Psalm 139:13-18,23-24 to them. We let the birthday kid pick the place that they would like to spend their day, then we go there. They also get to pick the design of their cake and what they would like to eat for dinner. When dinner is finished and right before the cake, we sit around the table and each person has to tell something that they love about the birthday person. It is a lovely way to end the day:-).

Zoe' and Josiah have their birthdays only a day apart, the 10th and 11th, so theirs is always a bit tricky and I never, ever feel like I have it all together:-). I am usually last minute in making their cake(one year, I made two... notice I only said ONE year:-) and they generally tell me what they would like for dinner and where they would like to go, the day of. So, I always feel like it is not quite fancy enough. Yet, they still enjoy everything.

BTW, we do not request that they do their birthdays together... they want to, they say they like it better that way:-). I guess it makes it more special to them...

So, this birthday they chose to go to Huber Farm. Oh man, was it fun!!

Huber's Farm 2009-24Huber's Farm 2009-79Huber's Farm 2009-109Huber's Farm 2009-101
Huber's Farm 2009-119

Plenty of pumpkins, apples, tractor rides, apple cider smells, walking, and MUD... now if that doesn't make for a great day, I don't know what will!!!

Huber's Farm 2009-41

Will post more photos of the trip to Huber's... later.


The Miersma Family said...

beautiful pictures!!
what a great way to celebrate your great oldest kids!

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

Wow you have a teenager! Do you feel old? ;) I loved hearing about how you celebrate their birthdays. It sounds lovely! Great picts by the way!!