Saturday, May 2, 2009

Here we go...

Well, we got the contract on the house... and then we lost it. They got spooked by the inspection(1st time buyers) and their dad talked them out of buying the house! So, we are back to waiting on the Lord to bring along the right folks to buy the house! And we are back to the stresses of showing a house with six kids!!!

As for the mission process, we have been told that we should receive an invitation to the conference any day now, and so we wait. We are praying that the house will sell before the end of May so that we can get going on the preparations for moving before we go to conference. God knows our need!

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Smith said...

All will be cared for in His time sweetheart. You just hang in there. I started a blog for Aunt Cathy, our journey with Lymphoma. the site is
If your interested in checkin it out.
Love you