Tuesday, May 19, 2009

On Our Way?

We have been notified that we will be going to conference in June...YIPEE!! We are excited about this and can't wait to tell you ALL about it!

We still don't have any bites on the house and haven't really had that many showings since it went back on the market :0(. We will wait and see what happens with it... not like we have any other choice!

The kids will be out of school by Friday and I am so excited! I LOVE summer!!!! Can't wait to take them swimming, hiking, and playing... oh, and then there are those fabulous days that include doing NOTHING, but hanging out at the house (those are my faves)! They have already gotten a jumpstart on it... the boys made an animal trap with James on Sunday. On Monday, they decided to don face paint and make bows and arrows, for they are hunters. I LOVE summer... have I already said that? Well, it's true and bears repeating... BTW, the sun is shining :0).