Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bringin' You Up To Speed

Here it is almost May and I have failed to keep this blog up ... but this is how it rolls folks with six kids, a dog, a house to sell, and a missionary process to get through!

The kids are doing well and looking forward to the end of school, should be the first or second week of May:-). Mama is pretty excited about that too! They/we have been taking advantage of the few gloriously sunny days that we have here lately... I might love those days even more than they do, I'm not sure:-).

As for the house, we received an offer on it and have counter-offered... we shall see what comes next!

Now for the process , we believe we have met all of the requirements and should receive an invitation to the conference pretty soon. If that happens and we are approved as missionaries, then we will need to be appointed as missionaries. This could all happen this summer but before we are appointed we have to sell the house:-). Yikes!! I hope some of this is making sense... it is a complicated process! If we are appointed then we could very well be on our way by the end of this year... hopefully!!!

To where, you may ask? Well, we have put in for a job in Southern Peru. It is in a small town called Huancane working with the Aymara people. We are very excited about this!!! If we are appointed as missionaries to Peru, then we will ,first,have to go to Costa Rica for a year for language study and then we will move on to Peru from there. More on those details later... exciting stuff folks, so please be praying for us!! We'll post any new developments.

So there it is, the long and short of it :-). I hope you will pray for us and if you feel up to it drop us a line, we would love to hear from ya!!!

We had a wonderful Easter with a family from church and ate Mexican food!!!!

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Grace, Hope and Joy said...

How wonderful and sad at the same time ( I don't want you all to leave!)!