Tuesday, June 3, 2008


Well, we made it!
I know I said that we would try to post everyday or at least every other day...I am so sorry that I haven´t been able to do that. We have limited access to the internet and have been very busy...it is good!So, I will now try to give a brief update :
The trip went very well, the 2 youngest boys got a bit fussy about 15 minutes before we landed in Quito...Praise the Lord!! The kids did wonderfully with everything thought they were very exhausted when we finally got to the casa. I wish I could post pictures of the house or apartment that they aquired for us...it is a wonderful blessing. Three bedrooms and 3 baths, fully furnished and owned by an indigenous family that lives below.
Friday was spent recupparating for the kids and I, but James went with Joselito to the Ecuadorian Baptist Seminary to watch Joselito trian indigenous pastors. It was a long day for him...8 hours at least. The kids and I spent the day with Anita and the kids(Joselito´s family). That evening when the guys got home we went grocery shopping... it is very interesting to try to shop in spanish...I mostly just guess and it usually turns out o.k.Then we went to eat and all of the kids were sitting very quietly...a man came up and asked if he could take their picture. He wanted to use it to show his grandson how to behave at the table! We all thought this was very funny and our two families got a good laugh about it!
I don´t know of I mentioned this before but Quito and the surrounding areas are beautiful. Quito is in a valley surrounded by mountians and volcanoes(yes, they are active:-). But the casa that we are staying in has a wonderful view of at least three volcanoes...the boys watch them every chance they get, just in case they have the chance to see lava or smoke! Not likely, but they keep watch anyway. The people here are so friendly. They love to talk and have been most fascinated with Judah. They ask to hold him and then walk off to show him to everyone that they know! The church we visited on Sunday was very funny about this...they passed him around and took turns taking pictures of him! He has taken it very well, though by the end of the day he is very tired and little cranky...it´s o.k.
Back to the events , Saturday we went to the center of the world. A very famous place for Ecuador called Mitad del Mundo, beautiful place. It is famous because it is 0 degrees Lattitude...look it up if you have the chance. Afterwards, we drove about 10 minutes to a dormant volcanoe crater that is about 5 miles wide and it is named Pulalagua(sp?). I cannot even describe it to you...and the pictures will not do it justice. But I will show them anyway when we are home. There are homes in this crater and ranches...amazing!
On Sunday we went to an indigenous church called Candelaria Baptist, it was a wonderful experience. The people were very nice and welcoming. We were able to see them sing a few songs in Quichua...very good.Sunday night was a bit different. We met with an IMB couple and went to a house church led by Haitians that have moved to Ecuador. It was an interesting experience. They were also very friendly though not quite as talkative as the native Ecuadorians. It was good though. Then we went to the M´s house to eat and discuss the work that the IMB is doing in this area.
Yeasterday was spent resting...it was much needed as we had been out everyday from about 10 in the morning until about 10 at night and we were very tired. The Orellano family(Joselito and Anita) came over last night to discuss the plans for the rest of the trip. The days are now filled for the next two weeks...it is good(a favorite saying here). We look forward to seeing what comes next.
We have been able to sing for the children in a bible study that Anita does on Fridays and we have sung for the children in the church, they love singing and loved to hear it in English. James and I will each have the oppurtunity to share our testimony in the next two weeks at two different events. James may have the chance to preach. We will be working in an orphanage. And visiting other M´s out in the countryside of Ecuador to see the work they are doing and help them with what ever they need. We will be doing quite a bit in the next few weeks...please pray for us and the kids.
If you are wondering how the kids like it...they love it here. They said the other night that they want to stay and not go home:-). As many of you know, this is sort of a confirmation for us concerning missions. They love being in another culture and have not had any difficulty adjusting...amazing. God is good.

I hope this was not so much that you got bored reading it! It is alot longer that I intended.I hope that we can post more often now that we have found an internet place that has something faster than dial up:-). Sorry if anything is mispelled but half of the keyletters are missing so I have to guess...it is good. Remember to leave comments , we love to hear from you!!

Heather and The Tribe


Smith said...

Hello to all my little wandering Tiemans. I am so glad to hear from you and even more so to hear that you all love it. I can hear it in your writing that this is going to be a way that we will talk for the next years. I loved all the adventures you told of, and in your words..it is "good". I am so very proud of my little missionary family, it is a true blessing to watch you. Remind me to tell you about a decision I am making. lol, oops I forgot, I will write it down, then we can both know what I am talking about,lol. I can't wait to see the pics and am very glad to hear that the kiddos are loving the new culture, I was a little worried about a couple of them. I can just see the boys watching for the lava to spill out of the volcano, lol. Have the girls gotten to experience the cloths washing? I am so glad that you all were recieved so well and that the house you are in is large enough for you guys. I bet Judah is loving the attention, he will surely grow up to be the "little ham". Well darlin, I guess I will go and leave some room for the rest of the comments when they come in. All is well here, I will call the family and let them know the all is well with you all. I tell you , I am sincerely in awe of God's way of using you. Tell James I would have sent words of encouragement, but I really don't think at this point you guys needs any more , for th time being.lol. We love you and hold you all in our prayers. We excitedly anticipate your next post.
Love Mom(Mimi)

Smith said...

One more note,from Granny, is the family with IMB last named Bear(spelling may be wrong) If not , she has am email adress to them for you. She has to find it, I will send it when it is found,lol
Love you lots

D & A said...

So good to hear from you all! Wonderful that things are going so well. Glad to hear it! It almost brings tears to my eyes just marveling at God's blessing upon your journey of faith. God is good!!

Josiah's flowers are hanging upside down in our bathroom drying. =)

love to all,
the McDonald's

Megan Abraham said...

So glad you made it safely and the kiddos are adjusting well! We're praying for all of you!

Tiemans said...

Thanks you guys for the comments . It is good to "hear" from you! I do not know the Bears, Mom. I know that Gran had mentioned them but I do not think we will be going to the jungle. We will mostly stay in the Sierra or mountian region.
Thanks Angie, Josiah was very happy to know that Maddie still had his flowers!
Thanks Megan, for writing and for praying for us it is much appreciated!
Pray for our return trip , we found out yesterday that we will have to be at the airport at 3 a.m.! That is very early!! We will not arrive home until 9 or 10 that night...it will be a long day!

The Miersma Family said...

hey!!! i haven't had a chance to check since we got home but i am so excited to read your updates! we are praying too!! praise God that everyone is doing so well!! hope your bday was sweet!