Friday, June 6, 2008


Well, when I came to log onto the blog this morning I did not see the previous post(from June 3rd. So, I dod not know if you all are seeing these or not. It is okay thought! I will write anyway, just in case:-).
Things continue to go well here. We are remaining very busy. We had the oppurtunity to see a wonderful ministry for youth on Tuesday. It was very far out in the mountians and oh, was it beautiful! It is called El Refugio and I will have to wait to tell you more about it when we get home. The folks that run it are missionarries with International Teams...perhaps you can look it up on the net. It is close to a little town called Calacali. A very small town of about half indegenous people and has a small Baptist church. They have about 17 members and are pursecuted by the other people in the town. On Wednesday, we were invited to eat dinner with the pastor of Candelaria Baptist here in Calderon.It was a wonderful blessing, those people are very sweet. That brings us to Thursday, we went to tour HCJB radio and the hospital that they are affiliated with...they began it, I think. It is an amazing ministry and we had the privilege of hearing the testimony of a woman from the jungle and how this ministry helped her to know Christ and then provided her with a bible and healthcare. After that, Anita and I went to a women´s study, they called it a conference...I don´t know. There were perhaps 20 women there and Anita asked that I share my was an awesome experience. I was able to share a little more thatn my testimony so it was very good. Today, I think we are going to be at a graduation of some sort...I am not sure. Nest week though will be very adventurous, we are going to go into the mountians to visit a missionary family. And a few other things that I will save to tell you later.I hope all is well there. We are doing very well. The kids have taken the busy lifestyle that we seem to lead here very well. A few of them had had mild stomach aches but Anita has been very good about pointing out which fruits will help that. And she and Joselito have been very careful about what we eat.God is doing so much here but there are still very many needs.Pray for these people. The kids and James are getting antsy...kayagama(see you later-in Quichua)
Heather and The Tribe


Smith said...

Wow, I can hardly wait to hear about this trip. Amazing grace, how He works. His spirit is moving everywhere. OUr love to you all. We are so excited to get to read your blog, we check every day. Dad is getting to where he will ask what you have written today:) Reading your writings make me want to work in Him. I am so excited that it is beautiful there, but the most beautiful thing about reading your blog is not the adventure, it is the mission that I find touching me so deeply. Has James gotten to teach? Give hugs to everyone, and have them hug you back for me. I love you all, be safe. More than that may God continue to use you all in this amazing way. Tell the kiddos to take many pictures, and collect the stories.
God bless and keep you,
Mom (Mimi)

Smart said...

Hello to the Tieman Tribe, we are so thankful for answered prayers. God is good, and we are glad your there safely. We are continuing to pray for the Lord to move you guys where He needs you, and of course for your safty there. This is a song that me and kids sing before bed and we want to share it with you all, it comes from the book of Numbers:6:24-26
The LORD bless thee, and keep thee;
The LORD make His face to shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee;
The LORD lift up His countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

Anyway it may be hard to imagine the tune but we will sing that prayer for you guys too.

To Zoe, Alex said hi.
To Gabi, Shelby said hello.

Be safe and enjoy the beautiful counrty.

In Christ,
The Smart's

Davis5 said...

We are so excited to read your blogs! And, we are so happy that you are doing well, learning much, and growing strong! Tell the kids that our Josiah prays for them every night, and that he says "hi"! We miss you, but know that you are where He wants you to be, doing what He wants you to do. We will look forward to reading more about your adventures, and to hearing more stories when you return. Love you all!

John said...

Cool that you got to see the HCJB. First missionary radio station in the world.

God used thier ministry to help bring about my salvation. When I was in Panama, HCJB was about the ony english broadcast I could get on the old shortwave. The Holy Spirit moved my heart thru the religious programming. Then he lead me thru my room mate to a fellowship of believers that told me and showed me the love of Jesus.

I am praying for you all and your safe return.

John Holman

The Miersma Family said...

how wonderful that you got to share our testimony!
i'll be praying for the tummies! and for opportunities for all of you to share about the hope we have!
miss you guys!!!
love, jenn on behalf of the miersmas

The Miersma Family said...

oops sorry that should say 'your' testimony not "our"... :)

sowing9seeds said...

Hey Tieman Tribe!
Your blog is great and I love that we can keep up with you guys. Just let us know if you decide to stay and we'll head to Louisville to handle your affairs :o) We miss you all and can't wait to hear first-hand of your trip. We send our love and prayers.
Roxanne for The Mann Family

Smith said...

Just wanted you all to know we are praying for you. 3a.m. is early for a plane trip. Maybe most of them will go back to sleep, and you guys too, lol. I miss you all and hope we will be able to come up to Kentucky soon after your trip is over. I can't wait to hear aobut the adventure and the beauty, and the mission. Sounds as if you are touching lives and they are touching you. God's way is so awesome. Love to you all
May God's grace continue to shine on you and through you.
Mom and Dad

Frank said...

Glad you made it safe. Your mom gave us the update today while she was working at the church. Our family is praying for you in our time before bed.

Looking forward to reading more as you get the time.

Tiemans said...

Hey everyone!
Thank you very much for the comments...we love reading them! Even the kids gather ´round to see who´s left a comment:-).Thank you for all of the encouragement and prayers. I can assure you, it is very much appreciated!
Thank you for the verse, Nadine, it is one of my favorite verses.
John, that is an awesome testimony to how God has used the Voice of the Andes(HCJB)...WHAT A GREAT MINISTRY!
Thank you Davis family for your encouraging words and prayers.
Jennifer, I am very glad to hear hear that you and Kate made it home. I hope you had a good trip! Can´t wait to hear about everything when we get back:-)
Roxanne, don´t tempt me! We would love to stay...we´re still praying about it though.Hey, my house would be big enough for you guys interested?LOL
Mom, thatnks for the encouragement. Can´t wait to show you the pics. James did get to teach and it was good. We do hope to sleep on the way back but we know that it will still be a long trip...oh well, it´s worth it!