Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Judah's 1st Birthday!!

Yes, you read correctly ,it was Judah's 1st birthday on June 20th. He had a good time eating cake and watch the other kids splash in his new pool...he has been terrified of water since we came back. He is now accepting the fact that in the states he will recieve a bath everyday;-). In Ecuador they did not have bath tubs,only showers, and so he would have to take a shower with dad and it was quite a torturous event ...for everyone within a mile or so! So now we have the nice warm bath,which he endures, but to ask that he actually sit in a pool of water for fun!Now that is just going too far,in his opinion! He still was able to have a good time though watching the others splash and get was fun. Zoe' and Gabi decorated the cake and did a fabulous job!
In other news...we got a call from the Mission Board on Monday. This is significant because we have been trying to go with them for the past 6 years and have been turned away for one reason or another(truly ,though, we feel it has been God's will not to go until now). So, for them to call us without us making the intitial contact is HUGE! Praise the Lord!! Even if we do not go with them we feel like this is confirmation that it is indeed time to move forward...Praise God! So, now we begin the ...or should I say continue with the process;-). We are currently in step 3 or phase 3 or whatever they call it and if everything goes well we will hopefully be out on the field by the end of next summer...we have waited so long for this it almost seems unreal.So, we are totally excited and overwhelmed.Please pray for us: That we would make it through the process in one is a long one. That our house would sell...we are planning to go even if we do not make it through the process with the board.And most of all pray that God's will would be done in our lives...all for His glory;-).


Sue said...

I don't know how I could be so clueless. Abigail just clued me in about this blog. Here I've been praying and wondering about your trip, and Abigail was in NY with her grandparents reading your blog and not reminding me you're blogging. I am here praising God for you!

The Miersma Family said...

yay for judah turning one! the girls did do a fabulous job decorating the cake! bravo i say!

oh, and i'll be praying for those things! so excited for your family!