Thursday, December 3, 2009

Popcorn Strings

Our kids LOVE to do crafty things... I believe they must have acquired this gift from their Mimi or their father since I have not a crafty bone in my entire being:-).  Perhaps I am exaggerating a bit :-). Still, I find it amazing that they love to make things the way that they do... they LOVE it!

So, to decorate the tree they way they like to (with homemade crafty things, remember?) we make popcorn strings. It is a TON of fun... and usually a bit messy as well:-). These two things tend to make the perfect combination for a really nice craft!






FUN TIMES!! ... Next time we'll need to remember to put them a little higher on the tree so that Judah doesn't eat them when he wakes up from his nap :-).

~Next up are the photos of the snow flakes they cut out of paper and hung in the windows... I know, crafty right? See I told you:-).

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Gayleen said...

Love you guys and your crafty selves!