Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmas Photos

I took a few Christmas photos of the kids this past week. Well, actually I took a LOT but only a few turned out to be anything I would consider. I love certain elements of each of these but can not decide on one in particular to use for our Christmas cards. I need help... so, I am asking you guys to make the decision... if you read this blog you are entitled ,no, obligated to give an opinion! So, let me know which one you like best:-)...

By the way, it was about 27 degrees outside this particular day! They did fabulously, though we did have to take a few breaks to thaw out:-).


Gayleen said...


Debbie said...

#1 or #7 are my favorite. It was also in the 20's when we had our family picture that I made the family walk to.

abundantlyblessed said...

Wow! I can see why you're having such a hard time picking! They are so great!! I think that my favorites (couldn't pick just one. ;D ) are #6, #8, and #11. I can't believe these are the same little kiddos that I used to babysit! They are so grown up!

Kedra said...

they are all so so so cute! my favs are probable 2, 8, and 11. Judah is cracking me up ...just taking it all in. and how you got 6 kids to do that well for a photo i do not know but i am loving those shots, outfits, christmas wagon, and all!! you go girl with your mad photography skills.

The Miersma Family said...

2, 8 11!!!!! love them all!!!!!

The Yates' said...

Love them all.... but my vote is number nine!

Leah said...

How in the world do you choose?!?!?! Love them all!!!

Your family is just precious. :)

Tiemans said...

You guys are so sweet! Thanks for all of the compliments!! The kids were freezing this day... I am sure you can't tell by the blue lips or the hands in the shirts! Anyway, we had so much fun doing this! The kids were totally in to it... made my day:-). They were singing most of the time, which is why their mouths are open in almost all of them! I wanted it to be this way, to just catch them being kids and having fun together... love these days:-). Thanks again, I have SOOO LOVED reading all of the comments!