Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ice Storm '09 "The Mini Vacation :-)"

Well, what began as a lovely snowy day... or few days, actually turned into quite a storm! It was a whole new experience for James and I to lie awake that night listening to branches crash down around our house and neighborhood... and not a very pleasant experience at that! The next day while we were busy marveling at the very thick ice and snow that was continuing to fall, we received a call from a distressed friend whose power had gone off! It was about 10 degrees outside and probably somewhere around 40 in their house! So, we said come on over... stay as long as you like... tell others about the warm Tieman Abode!
And so, we ended up having about 23 or so people in the house for a few days! What a wonderful time :-). Seriously, it was really good. Everyone was well behaved and got along beautifully and I had a lot of fun having so many people around and a little break from the everydayness of our everyday life!! Kinda like a vacation!


The Miersma Family said...

awesome!! i'm glad you took those pictures!! makes me wish we had lost our power in a weird sort of way! so that we could have hung out at your place! thanks for texting and checking on us! love you guys! :)

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

Jennifer stole my thoughts. ;) I was going to say that it makes me (kind of) wish our power had gone out too. Looks like a grand time. Oh and marvelous idea having them all clean. The house looked immaculate. Crazy.