Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Rub a Dub



little man


in a




Yep. This is what we do for cheap entertainment folks:-).


Michelle said...

Those are fantastic photos!

Tiemans said...

Thanks Michelle! How is your packing coming?

Debbie said...

That is funny, playing guns with linking cubes.

Mrs. W. Smith said...

Cuty patootey!!

Tiemans said...

Debbie, he will play guns with almost anything! He likes those really well though, because they stay together:-).

Mrs. W... thanks Mimi:-). Can't wait to see ya!

Michelle said...

Packing...hmm. Well, we packed up everything last August and it's at my dad's in NC. So we're in AL with about 2 boxes and some clothes and baby stuff. It's hard to get motivated to pack that much! We'll get to it when we finally find some trunks...

How about your packing?

Regina and David said...

All of your photos are soo good!! what kind of camera do you use?

Tiemans said...

Michelle, packing is going pretty well. The kids are a little crazy though:-). Transitions are always tough, God is good though!

Regina, I use a Canon Rebel xti. I love it! I hope you have a safe trip back, we are praying for you guys!