Friday, November 6, 2009

Judah's Fall: Part 2!

Oh dear, I never ever thought I would have to write a part two to THIS story! Yet here I am:-).
Well, I noticed that the wound on his face was not closing, nor did it ever stop leaking... I won't go into details. It was STILL hard!Oh yes, and there was also a piece of STICK emerging from his cheek:-(. That is not ever a good sign.
So, I took him in to see the surgeon that took out the last bit and he was not happy. I mean he was happy to see us, just not under those circumstances. He looked Judah over and agreed that his cheek appeared to have some form of debris still in it... then we started talking a second surgery. I was prepared that day. The Lord had prepared me that morning and prompted me to pack a few things "just in case". He had let me in on it this time:-).
James was still at work and amazingly this was the first day in the in the whole pay week that he had received ANY sort of work(he works on commission, so when the work comes he had better be there to do it or no check:-). So, I told James to stay at work... we need to eat:-). The Lord provided that day, in more ways than one!
Once again, He showed Himself faithful to provide for our EVERY need. We are so thankful!

When the doctor came in to talk to me after the surgery, he brought with him this lovely stick! I could not believe that it had been in Judah's poor chubby cheek this whole time! And now he will have a permanent dimple to remind us of this incident and of God's provision through it :-). I love dimples...

This stick is MUCH bigger than it looks here! Come over and I will show you:-).

*These photos are unedited! So, sorry if they are blurry and dark... I have had NO time!!


Nana Bomb said...

Such a super trooper! That stick is amazingly large...cannot believe it was still in his little cheek all this time! Thanks God for keeping Judah in your care!

Grace, Hope and Joy said...

Oh my goodness!!!! Did he have to stay in the hospital again? Poor boy.