Saturday, August 15, 2009

Patton Museum Trip

We took a trip to the General Patton Museum a few weeks ago and it was good:-). The kids LOVED the tanks... yes, they were even able to touch them.

little men


in touch with historyexperience

They loved the guy that turned up now an then to tell them various tales of the history of certain tanks (they also loved watching him be QUITE STERN with a couple of older boys that were being a bit too rowdy... AND THEN they loved watching him kick those boys right out the front door!) That is what they talked about for the rest of the day, I kid you not!!! The lesson was well learned by them- DO NOT mess with a retired officer, the man is serious and will not hesitate to carry out his threats! You can see him in a photo explaining Army things to the P... he really did just pop up everywhere. They were VERY well behaved for the ENTIRE tour!! I wanted to take him home with us, but I was sure he would be missed by his family:-(.


in need

a favorite tank

straighten up and fly right

My favorite things were the car General Patton rode in,

patton's limo

patton's limo

patton's limo

the cool da Vinci model of a tank,

early de vinci model of a tank-like thing

the recruiting posters,

take noticewanted

soldiers wantedcalvary

and they had a piece of the Berlin wall!

berlin wall

berlin wall

My absolute favorite thing there , though, was the Sicilian donkey cart. Random? Maybe. But it was amazing, beautiful, and I wanted to wrap it up and take it home with me:-). It made me want to have a donkey just so I could have a cart like this... seriously.

carved sicilian donkey cart

donkey cart

donkey cart

sicilian donkey cart

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The Miersma Family said...

where is this located?!?! nana g says we need to go see the donkey cart or the dondey dart as kate would call it! ha!

great shots by the way! :)