Thursday, January 8, 2009


We had a smashing time in TX...and who wouldn't? I mean, after all it is TEXAS! Land that I love...alright enough of that. We really did have a grand time and though it was seemingly fast and furious we enjoyed every moment! We were able to see all of our family members (who happen to be spread out over the southern part of TX) and some of our friends...that's alot y'all! We were also able to share a bit about what God is doing in Ecuador with two churches and our previous S.S. class in NB. We went to many of the places that we love and hold dear, and a few of the places that are not so near to our hearts but we accept them because they are apart of the great state of Texas! We were surprised to learn that many of the places we visited had slow...or no internet connection ;-(. I guess we've been living in the city for too long! We must now be city slickers! Just kidding Dad, I would never do that to ya...hehehe. As James and I stood outside on various nights (because we can do that in TX in January) and gazed at the stars, we noticed that it is much more quiet there than where we are. We loved it!! I guess the ears and brain don't know that they are constantly hearing noise, of one kind or another, until it is completely silent! Crazy ;-). So, here are a few pictures from the trip...if you want to see more then you should mosey on over to flickr and check it out ;-)!


The Miersma Family said...

missed you all! glad you had a smashing time!
love the new header picture!!! A LOT!!!!!!!! :)

Smith said...

We had an awesome time with all of you too! Of course we always love to see ya'll and will take every chance we can get to be with our little grandkid's. We absolutley do cherish the days. I love the pics. We miss ya'll already.