Tuesday, April 22, 2008

We're Still Here!

It's true ..we are still here,just busy;-). Piper and Josiah began baseball at Southeast Christian Church, we still have the kids fitness program at Southern Sem. and then there is the everyday stuff;-). A quick update is what I am posting...
Judah had tubes put in his ears because of repetative ear infections and is beginning to feel better now. James is ending his semester in the next few weeks and this means studying for finals , so I don't really know how much I'll be able to post. He'll probably have the computer most of the time...the kids and I are wrapping up another glorious homeschool year(only 4 weeks left!Yippeee). I think I am just as excited as they are to see summer coming...then there is the trip to Ecuador. The big news that some of you know , but not all, is that we have been fully funded! ;-)...Praise the Lord!!! What an awesome God we serve...one that knows what we need before we even know we will need it and then provides for that need.May it be for His glory...
Keep praying for us as we prepare for this trip. Pray for the kids, that God would give them a passion for missions as He has done for us. That they would love and have a desire to serve those around them. But mostly, that they would seek after the Lord with all that they are. We know that this trip will be an eye opener for our kids and we pray that they would not only see the material poverty of the people but that they would see the spiritual depravity. That the Lord would create in them a burden for the lost people of the world.
We'll keep posting, don't give up on us if you don't see anything new for a few days...weeks...I don't think it will be longer than that;-).Oh yeah, some of you have been asking about our travel dates so here they are:

Leave Louisville- May 29 @ 1:05
Arrive in Quito- May 29 @ 10:30ish
Leave Quito- June 18 @ 6:30ish a.m.(yes, that is in the morning)
Arrive in Louisville- June 18 @ 9:00 p.m. ( loooooong day...please pray for us!)

~~Thanks to everyone who is supporting us through prayer and encouragement and financially, it means more to us and the kids than you will ever know.~~

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Megan Abraham said...

Wow! God is so good! It's wonderful to hear how he has provided for you!